torek, 1. december 2015

First time Bavona

One of the biggest dream came true last week. There are so many places I want to visit, but I don't think I had a bigger wish to go somewhere else but Valle Bavona before. So I made a deal with Rok Klančnik to go there for just 3 days. We came there around midnight on Sunday and we really had to take a look of first few boulders you can se from the road. We were so excited we barely sleep, so on the next morning we were just walking around to find every boulder we wanted to see. But before midday we couldn't resist anymore and we started climbing. We warmed up in very technical and very beautiful slab in the middle of this beautiful stone village called Village idiot 7b+. We both spent few tries to stand on the top of it. Next was classical Off the wagon, but just for few tries and soon we were off to Heritage 8b+. I gave it a super good flash go (didn't grab the gaetone correctly and fell, than did it to the top), than spent another 2 hours to finish it. Rok unfortunately fell from the very top and made a bad split under the finger nail. On day 2, we started with Budica and Trigonometry 8a. Again came so close to flash, but because of the sun, I couldn't see where the top hold is. On my second go it went down easily and also Rok was a bit lucky with this one. Off the wagon, on the wagon, on and off the success again. At least Rok nailed it on Kings of Sonlerto 8b in just few tries. Day 3 was a bit shorter, but long enough to flash Milight 8a and to destroy skin on Off the wagon again.

This valley impressed me so much, I have to come back with rope, pads and maybe even some technical gear!

Trigonometry, 8a

classical swiss forest

the best village in the World

Rok on Kings of Sonlerto

Heritage, 8b+

Off the wagon, 8b+

Village idiot, 7b+

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