petek, 6. december 2013

Nationals and some good sends outdoor

After a hard bouldering season I decided to climb some "easier" routes, just to make my body feel rested. So I avoid all the harder and short routes. I thought Mišja is the best for this style I was actually looking for and that's why I sent most of the routes there. So I'll just start with my best send, which is my third 8b on sight in my entire life. That was Rocket Max 8b and I'm also very happy for another on sight in Granuille 8a both in Kompanj. And here is the list of my 8a's and up from last month: Triad 8a, Bastilla 8a+, Figaro 8a+, Lucky Luke 8b, Chiquita 8b/b+, Soul kitchen 8b(+), JSFK 8b, Bastilla 8b+ and Sanje za dušo 8b+.

I also won the last national boulder cup, but unfortunately ended on 3rd place overall cuz I skipped one of two competitions(I was competing in Arco rock master).

 Soul kitchen 8b(+), Kompanj, photo: Matej Sova