ponedeljek, 30. september 2013

Jake in Sopota

After 2 weeks of resting I went outside to climb some. So on friday I visited my old friend Kotečnik, where I sent some routes that I haven't done yet. I was climbing in the most "slaby" sector named Kača. I sent 5 routes from 7a+ to 7c. The next day was a bit rainy, so we went to Sopota. This rock stays dry for a longer after and during rain. There are some boulders on the bottom of cliff so first I sent a long standing project. As other names of boulders here, I named it after a human name. It is graded 8a+ and it is named by my nephew Jake. Later on, I tried my very nice project. It's gonna be really hard, but so far, I did it in 2 parts. Fingers cross for a soon ascent.

In time, P ( 8c+ (9a) )

During the rest, I also cleaned up a new boulder on Rogla. Around 5 lines on it and I didn't even tried them. So everybody feel free to try it!

ponedeljek, 16. september 2013

Winner of adidas ROCK STARS

And it finally happened!!! First time made it to the podiums and for the first time felt, how it's be like on the top of the best climbers in the world. After not so good climbing in qualification, I put my self together and showed really good performance in semi finals. I almost climbed all 4 boulders but still ended on 2nd place. In final round I was really motivated, so with some luck, tricks and power I was first who pressed the button on the very last final boulder. It was really amazing feeling standing on the top of the last boulder with knowing you won the competition in front of such a huge audience. Can't wait for next season cause I now what I'm capable of now. Thumbs up for adidas team again!

full story and videos:


some power and speed...

some tricks...

a bit lucky but still strong

 a bit emotional as commentators said

torek, 3. september 2013

Last World Cup and European Championship

World cup is over! In Munich there was last competition and a week later it was European Championship. I'm not really satisfied with my climbing, special Eindhoven. I was really weak before competitions, but luckily managed to train hard with our team coach Roman and with the whole team in Bayern's  gyms. I only have 2 competitions left and than I'll climb outside as much as possible. I ended on 11 th place in World Cup overall and really bad 31 st place in European Championship. I met so many nice competitors there, so I feel a bit better now and don't think about bad climbing any more.