torek, 25. september 2012


Hello, there!

Unfortunately nothing new it's up, but anyway you deserve to know what's going around here. After failed Championship in Paris I took some rest, but still visited our pearl of Pohorje. I repeated Toleranca 7c+, which was prepared by Izi, I and friends for Boško's first ascent. It's a short problem with very long move and sharp holds. It's not the nicest line, but I have to say thanks to Izi, cuz he cleand up one of the best lines here. Needed two days to send this slab and also fell from the top of it and missed the pad. Luckily didn't hurt my self, so I sent it next try. I agreed whit Izi, so we named it Close to art and I greded it 7c.

 I'm happy that this place is developing and that we find new boulders everytime we get there. Everybody's warmly welcome!

Here are also names and gredes of Jurgovo:

3 (no name)
5a Ginč Bamsi
5c (no name)
6a Bees
6a Komoda
6a Disko Jožica
6a Balista
6a (no name)
6a+ Mesec
6b Poni pa prasec
6b Double matel
6b Miška
6b (no name)
6b Left handed
6b Novi Sad A
6b Lajna
6b+ Al Pacino traverse
6b+ Inflacija
6b+ Botoks
6b+ Traversa
6b+ (no name)
6b+ Osamljen Bin Laden
6c (no name)
6c (no name)
6c Sunny us
6c Right handed
6c Sarajevo
6c Vodni polž
6c Vraga ti
6c Tjuln power
6c+ Jogurt v laseh
6c+ Novi Sad C
6c+ Katapult e3
7a Disco Jocker
7a Zatišje pred nevihto
7a 6a po mamini strani
7a Bizi's face's gonna sort you out
7a Novi Sad B
7a+ Kakovost iz Slovenije
7a+ Full house

7b Tony Montana
7b Grabnvaler
7b Focn tocn
7b Moj, moj
7b Tvoj, tvoj
7b Johny Cash
7b Lingvin
7b Čreva na plot
7b+ Arterija (e6/7)
7b+ Explotion time
7b+ Čudoviti um
7c Reduktor (e5)
7c Close to art

7c Mona Liza

7c+ Toleranca
8a Hiperprodukcija
8a Le belanca