torek, 28. avgust 2012

End of WC

World cup in Munich last weekend was the last competition so here are all results. After qualification round I  ended on first position with all 5 tops flashed. After, I was a bit unlucky, so I made one stupid mistake and ended on 9th place. Anyway, I'm very happy with this season, cuz I made my best result overall. So I'm one of 10 the best boulder climbers in the world. Wish me good luck on World championship in Paris next month!


Previos weekend I was startting on second Adidas rockstars. This is one of the best competitions I have ever attented. Last year I was 7th and this year I was 8th, even (thow) I was 2nd after qualifications. After I went to Zillertal with my dear Eva and my little sister Julija. I was really suprised, cuz Eva did her first 6b+ Fb and Julija did another 7b+. I'm so happy and proud on them. Even I did my first 8b Fb (Incubator) this year, which is maybe easier than the others I've done, but I spent so much time on it, becouse of crazy conditions (almost 30 degrees of C) so it desirves 8b in my way. I also on sighted one 8a named Rain man and sent very bouldery route called Graceland (8b). I also did Clock work orange (7c+/8a) in just few tries.

        Clock work orange

Eva in 6b+

sreda, 8. avgust 2012

Le belanca

Le belanca is new 8a boulder on Jurgovo. It's been a long standing highball project with really massive sloper. I've been trying it since I saw it for the first time. After trying it over and over again to get right betas, luckily Urh gave me optimistic beta. But it was too hot to stay on this giant sloper, so today I found perfect conditions. I sent it first go today. For this perfect day has also affected new line under Čudoviti um. It's a really nice slab with bad footholds and tricky dyno to the root. This five stars boulder is called Full house and graded 7a+. Also Varga did this one. Next is Adidas rockstar and Zillertal after!

Photo: Anže Varga