ponedeljek, 23. maj 2016

There is still hope for the podium!

5 competitions, 5 semifinals and no finals for yet. After good training sessions and huge motivation, I was pretty sure I will do great this season. But unfortunately I never got the right flow in the semi final rounds. On my first comp in Meiringen I did  few tries too much and also came really close on 3rd boulder, in Kazo also one try too much and also fell from the top on 3rd one, in Chongquing I also fell from one top, in Navi Mumbaj I honestly didn't find myself and here in Innsbruck fell again from 2 tops. I just can't believe same things are just repeating every time, but on the other hand I still feel fresh and strong, so I'll just keep my head up and do my best in Vail.

To keep a positive mind, I also went outdoor for some sport climbing. I visited places like Medveja, Baratro, Osp and also Maltatal. In Medveja I was able to on sight Criogenetica 8a+, Venga vecjo 8a and came really close to 8c flash. After warm up in Maltatal I on sighted Marsch mellow kind 8a, did Soulstrip 8b on my second go and also climbed the hardest route there, which in my opinion maybe isn't harder than 8b+(c), Walhalla also on my second go. After 3 visits to Baratro and around 7-8 tries in total, I managed to clip the first anchor of Atilla 8c/c+.

BWC Meiringen

BWC Kazo

BWC Chongquing

BWC Navi Mumbaj

India at it's best

BWC Innsbruck

Walhalla 8b+(c), Maltatal