torek, 13. januar 2015

New season is about to start

New season is about to start and I'm trying to finish some projects in Mišja peč. This place has been my playground for last 2 months and I've done some hard stuff by this time. I already told you about some hard routes, but I'm happy I can tell you, I also snet some more. So, around and after new year I have sent another 8c called Corrida, Gorenjski šnops 8b and very rare repeated No fly zone 8b. I have also on sighted Ljubezen na prvi pogled and Šunka, both graded 7c+. My biggest wish is to climb my first 9a and I luckily found one that fits my style. It is Xaxid hostel and I'm very happy, that I already climbed it with just one fall. So fingers crossed for this and of course for the new competition season!

Xaxid hostel 9a, photo by Luka Fonda