nedelja, 22. februar 2015

Short break from plastic

Yes, it's true. I was able to make an agreement with my coaches , to skip few training sessions and go to Ticino. First plan was to stay there for 5 days, but unfortunately rain made it shorter. If I'm honest, I'm not that sad as I used to be when those things happened, cause I sent almost everything I tried. Even warm ups were easier than usually.
So we arrived on Wednesday (on the day after big party back home) straight to Schaatental in Chironico, where I made quick ascent on Conqustador direct 8b - last time I tried it I fell from top for 3 times and this time went down very easily. We moved to Cresciano, where the weather was a bit better and there, I took down few things that I couldn't do few trips ago. So I sent La prue 8b and Un Ange Avec des Cornes 8a+ and on the next day Dream time stand 8a+ and Petit pas tapen 8a. For the next time I left Dream time and quite a lot of things in Chironico.

Here is also a short clip:

La prue

Petit pas tapen

dinner time

hotel room...

...with the view

with sis Julija

Julija trying Arcadia

La prue

Trying La nave va