četrtek, 10. julij 2014

Rainy trip to Magic wood

Well, I must say, it was still magic. Yes, there was some rain, but still we found some good times to sent few harder things. I'm happy to say, that I sent one of my top 10 boulders in a session. It was Riders on the storm, graded 8b and it seemed that it doesn't have so many repetitions. I was also very close to Riverbed (8b), but had some problems with heel so I wanted to save it for the end of the trip. I fell last move on my 3rd go, but it was raining at the end of the trip. I also sent: Body count 8a(+), Muttertag 8a, Nano sex 8a, No liberty 8a and flashed Microcosmos 7c and Minisex 7c.

I'm so happy, that there was Luka Tambača, cause he took such an amazing photos. You can see them on a link below:


supernova, 7c

microcosmos, 7c

No liberty, 8a

body count, 8a(+)


riders on the storm, 8b