petek, 25. oktober 2013

New lines in Ožbalt

Yesterday I joined my friends from Koroška, to climb in their local crag Ožbalt. They cleaned up a new block, where Rok Klančnik did a first ascent in Out of space (8a). Later I flashed it and than we moved to another spot. We tried an old project on Krimpzeit block. It starts on the same hold as Krimpzeit and than it goes right. I needed few tries to send it and decided to give it a name Trnova krona. Later Rok had repeat it and we graded it 8a.

Trnova krona (8a)

ponedeljek, 21. oktober 2013

Suomi and some climbing

I've been very busy last month, so I'm giving you some news from my experience around the world and Slovenia. Last week I visited my very good friend in Finland to help her in new gym in Helsinki. Because the wall wasn't ready yet, Eva and I were helping whit some finishing works. Later on I could set some boulders on which I'm very proud of. So if somebody goes to Finland, should go to their new gym and try new wall and boulders. I hope they will be open soon, otherwise you should go and climb outdoors. I'm say, that went outdoors for sever times and felt really weak on these small grant holds, which doesn't mean the boulders aren't nice. It's actually opposite, they are very beautiful including landscapes.


Angry birds shop

 new gym

Having fun during work

little creation

Eva the worker


me too

boulder in forest

...and blueberries

...and some mushrooms

don't wanna know what happened later

Henna's lazy cat

more work

but fun work

Henna trying first boulder in new gym

yes, I set it

trying the Globalist

This trip inspired me to go to Rogla and open new lines. I opened 3 new line. The best one is definitely Suomi graded 7a. Before and after Finland I visited areas around Osp and sent few hard routes. In Pandora I sent easy but long route Es ist vollbracht (8b+) and on sighted 7c+, in Mišja peč I sent Natural link (8c), Lahko noč, Irena (8b), Ptičja perspektiva (8a+) and on sighted Galaktika (8a/a+).

Suomi 7a(+)

Punka (P)

Keskus 7b(+)