ponedeljek, 4. april 2016

Bloc comp and block ascents

It was so good to be competing again and feeling very comfortable. In Pfungstadt, Germany there was an incredible competition called Blocmaters where I took second place. After ripping my rib muscle in qualification round I was still able to climb all 4 semi problems in very hard competition. By fleshing the first problem in finals I guaranteed my second place and unfortunately couldn't continue with my full force. This time Alexey Rubtsov was better than me, but I know I can change things to a bit better.

After my injury I had lots of therapies and soon I was able to touch some rock. For the first time it was in Maltatal for some sport climbing and the next time I was actually able to climb some hard things. In one day I sent Der Imperator 8a on my second go, Emotional landscapes stand 8a+ and Orgazmatron 8a.

Today I went to new block in Kamniška Bistrica where I climbed all the existing lines:

- ?? 6b,
- ?? 6c,
- ?? 7a,
- Če maš maš 7c flash,
- Če maš maš sit 7c+,
- Nimaš kej 8a second go,
- No surrender policy 8a flash,
- Bo že 7c flash,
- ?? 7b flash,
- Hiperborea 7c,
- ?? 7b

Here is a clip from Maltatal: