ponedeljek, 30. april 2012

WC Vienna and 8a+ on sight

Report Vienna:

Again I could make it to semi finals with a bit of luck. I ended on 21st position with 4 climbed boulders. I showed a lot of power in semis, but it wasn't enough to make it to the finals. 4 bonuses were enough and I made only 3 of them. But in all 3 boulders I was close as noone else. I hope I'll have more luck in Innsbruck. I finished on 12 place. My ranking is now #9 place on world cup.

Today I was in Baratro(Italy) and I on sighted Violenza carnale (8a) and Trilogy(first part) (8a+).

Arter first crux of Triology

First semis boulder

Second semis boulder

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