sreda, 4. april 2012


Here I am again with some good news from malta (AUT) :

Photo: Andro

Bizi, Andro and me decided to go to feel some gneis. No matter the weather in Slovenia, we went optimistical true Karavanke tunnel. The weather was nice except high temperatures (around 15°C). We wormed up, than we had to wait till sun went down. Bizi had some problems in stand start of Driving at low tide 7c, but latter he managed to stay on jug and finally climbed it. Also Andro was very close. It was his second time bouldering outside, but anyway he sent one really hard slab graded 7a. I tried Pluto direct, Marmelade(broken hold) and Emotional landscapes but without success(way too hot). The only thnig that was posible for today, was boulder without name (called it: Alligator direct 8a+) which has same start as all alligators with straight up finish.

Emotional landscapes, photo: Andro 

 Alligator direct 8a+, photo: Andro

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