petek, 19. februar 2016

The shelter

According to all the nice stories that happened recently on our trip to Ticino, I think The shelter is the right title. A special story wasn't a climbing one, but it was the one when we actually met wonderful people in Bavona. So we slept in a great shelter under huge boulder in the forest and one day we were invited to one of those beautiful houses in Sonlerto. Very nice couple (Robi and Nadia - hope I writhe names correctly) invited us for a lunch (polenta) and some good wine. They heat up our hearts with their hospitality so we became even more motivated to climb. So in 2 days in Bavona I did first ascent of 2 very beautiful lines: The shelter 8b+ and Tektonik effect 8a. The first one is located just between Elyssium and The corridor, the other one you can find just behind Trigonometry. On the same block where Trigonometry is, there is another project I was trying on. I believe it could reach the grade of 8c and I almost did every single move. I'm so happy for my friends Klemen Kejžar and Jakob Bizjak for repeating Trigonometry and later for ascents in Chironico. And so we moved to Chironico. The weather was not on our side, but that didn't kill our spirit. We did a team send of La persistencia de la memoria 8a together with Samuel Ometz (who btw showed us the new line). We moved to Alphane moon 8a, but Bizi and I were to tired to send it. Klemen got insanely strong and flashed, but Bizi and I had to come back few days later to finish it. The other block that we occupied and brutalised was the one with Big kat line on it. On first session I did the stand start(8a+) of it and on next session I did the whole (8b+) line. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side again, so we had to finish our trip on a short stop in Cresciano.

It's also interesting that I can say I did some sport routes before my trip to Ticino. I was able to send 30 meters long Ledena doba 8b+ at Čreta and Fratres 8b in Zigeunerloch.

The shelter

the real shelter

Robi's horses

the best lunch

In the buble 6c, FA

Big kat 

Tektonik effect

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