četrtek, 21. januar 2016

Some more granite around my hometown

Few years ago, a friend of mine took me to a new spot around Slovenska Bistrica. There was no lines open yet so I focussed on projects in other areas more. This winter the local guys did a great job with cleaning and opening new lines. So on Monday I went there to try the existing lines and maybe to try only project which was left there. It was really cold and very hard to warm up, but I luckily managed to flash one of the best lines in Slovenia. It is slopy 7c+ line on a perfect slopers, called Žabje kraljestvo. We moved to Mothership boulder, where I also flashed Enterprise for which I think it's more 7c(+). I really don't want to downgrade those things, but because it's fresh new it won't be too bad. Later I tried the whole line. It's a crazy roof traverse with some body turns, leading into Enterprise (2 hard moves). I tried the moves in between for some minutes and than did it from the start on my second go. Klančnik, who first tried this line named it Vulcan logic and I gave it 8a+ grade. Hope we find some more projects in this part of Pohorje.

I also happy to announce that I'm getting close on my Lanicor project in Golobove pečine. Yesterday I managed to do it in 2 prats. Let's hope for good weather and some luck as well.

Here is video of me from Bistriški vintgar:

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