torek, 12. avgust 2014

Kanjonfest 2014

After a year, we met again in a magical place called Golobove pečine. This time it was a bit different, cause climbers could do some sport climbing as well. We cleaned up 19 boulder lines and equiped 8 routes. I'm a bit sad, cause boulders were not so dry, but it was so nice to see climbers trying hard on routes. We were able to see some hard ascents up to 8b and a lot of climbers doing nice "easier" routes. It wasn't much about competition, but we still had to give a prize to the faster climber in the woods. So in evening's contest we gave a prize to one, who was the fastest in a route called Rifle graded 7a+. They tried to beat my record which was 32 seconds. Well they didn't make it, but we all had a great time during climbing and making frankfurters and marshmallows. Yeah and it doesn't mean I took the prize. After friendly battle between Rajko Zajc and Jakob Bizjak, a pair of Scarpa climbing shoes went to Rajko.

I must say, I'm very happy with number of climbers and their behaviour, so everyone could enjoy the event.
In the night session I also sent an 8b called Mumindol. Other highlights were 8a+ flash of Mina Markovič, 8a+ by Maja Vidmar and Alina (SUI) and of course 8b flash by Domen Škofic. We also had some friendly climbers from Croatia and Luka Tambača gave us some super nice photos again!

I also have to say thanks to all the sponsors for the prizes: SCARPA, PRANA and TRINITY!

Thanks again to everyone and see you next year!

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