ponedeljek, 30. junij 2014

It's the end of bouldering World cup 2014

But it's not over yet!
Tomorrow I'm going to Magic wood and than, I'm starting with more trainings for World championship in August. It was a really good season and I'm happy, that I'm progressing every year. I'm sad, cause I injured my shoulder on my first WC in China, so I might do it even better. Anyway, there was really strong competition all over the year and there were almost 100 climbers, who made at least one point (best 30 on separate cup) in overall, which really shows it's not an easy business, to get into the first 10. I also skipped one cup, where I could get more points, cause there were only 25 competitors, but anyway, I should have just climbed better on the last cup (10th place in Laval) and I might progress for a place or 2. 8th place in overall isn't that bad, but I still wish, there were more finals in this season. There is nothing much I can do, but to train more for next comps and next season!

Fingers crossed for a good weather in next weeks, so you can hear more good news in the future!

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