nedelja, 15. junij 2014

Back with some news from other side of the Ocean

Only 2 more weeks and it will be decided who are the top 10 boulder climbers in the world. Last 2 competitions were not the best ones this season, but still got some points and I'm hanging on the 7th place at the moment. But must say, that was really special trip, cause I left there alone with my little sister Julija. In Toronto I really tried my best, but unfortunately slipped from the top in first semi final boulder and ended on 9th place. I was in a really bad mood, till I found out that Julija made it to the finals. We couldn't believe, it was really happening. She did her best and ended on 6th place. For her sweet 16 is this her best result so far and let's hope it happens more often. In Vail we tried hard again, but this time, luck was not on our side. Julija just missed the semis for one place and I ended on 15th. It was actually only the matter of attempts, so after all, I wasn't too far from the finals.

Unfortunately you won't be able to see me in China, but you can keep your fingers crossed for the next World cup in Laval!

You can see more photos on:

After semis in Toronto

semis in Toronto

With Korean team- long boards. Training in The spot


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