nedelja, 9. marec 2014

Show time

After a few weeks of bad weather and hard team training, I finally found time to go outdoors. I went to a local crag around Rogla, where I still had one project. Last time I was trying it, I couldn't link 5 moves. So last week, I was trying it a bit harder with Rok Klančnik and we managed to do all the moves. So on the 7. of March, I added a new 8 grade boulder (the other one is still unrepeated Prikrita realnost 8a). I named it Show time and the grade is 8b. It is very nice line, with 13 moves- few easy ones than one really long move and the hardest move is to hit mono pocket from a very bad sloper. From here, you have about 7b boulder problem to the top. I hope all the boulders around here, will get more ascents in the future.

I also did Herkules 7c+, which is in my opinion even harder than that and few easier ones.

Video in making!

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