torek, 25. februar 2014

Prestranek master 2014

And here s an article of first competition this year. It was in Prestranek (Postojna) and for me it was just another team training. Anyway, there was really strong competition from all over Slovenia and even my friend Rustam Gelmanov came to compete with us. Unfortunately he didn't climb enough boulders in qualification round to be in best 6 finalists. After qualifications I was the best with 25 tries for 23 boulders. Nobody couldn't climb 2 of them. In the finals there were 3 boulders and after that, only 2 best climbers went to an extra boulder. Jure Bečan and I did 2 boulders (I flashed both of them and Jure did one more try I guess) and I'm so mad, cuz I was the only one who reached the last hold in third one, but unfortunately fell from matching it. In extra boulder we were quite tired, so non of us couldn't make it to the top, even though we were both really close.

So that made me a winner of a really nice competition, which I hope it will continue in the future!

in company with Bečan brothers

my friends

failing the top with second hand

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