torek, 28. avgust 2012


Previos weekend I was startting on second Adidas rockstars. This is one of the best competitions I have ever attented. Last year I was 7th and this year I was 8th, even (thow) I was 2nd after qualifications. After I went to Zillertal with my dear Eva and my little sister Julija. I was really suprised, cuz Eva did her first 6b+ Fb and Julija did another 7b+. I'm so happy and proud on them. Even I did my first 8b Fb (Incubator) this year, which is maybe easier than the others I've done, but I spent so much time on it, becouse of crazy conditions (almost 30 degrees of C) so it desirves 8b in my way. I also on sighted one 8a named Rain man and sent very bouldery route called Graceland (8b). I also did Clock work orange (7c+/8a) in just few tries.

        Clock work orange

Eva in 6b+

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