ponedeljek, 29. september 2014

Adidas Rockstars 2014

After Munich, I decided not to train hard anymore. But there was still the best competition of the year on the list. I knew I wasn't prepared as I should be, but I knew I can focus for just one last comp. I hardly put my self together and tried my best in qualifications. My climbing wasn't close to what I expected and I was sad cause I didm't know I'll stay in this comp any longer. This time the luck was on my side and I ended on 20th position after qualifiers. There was nothing but to climb as I should in semis and I can make it to the finals again. The true Kruder woke up and surprised everyone in semis with 3 tops. It was more than enough for the finals. Final boulders were a bit too hard, so even though I felt strong, couldn't make it to the super finals. Only thing I was sad about, is that I couldn't try the last boulder, but I'm very happy that I made it to the podium. The pressure was higher than anytime before, cause I won it last time and people expected the same again. There's nothing wrong with that and I hope I can give you more of good results in the future!

Here is also a short clip from an event:

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