torek, 7. januar 2014

End of the old and beginning of the new year!

First, happy new year to everybody who read my blog! I'm writing now about my ascents which have happened around new year in Spain and also on home ground. Before new year's trip I visited Mišja peč for the last time in old year and made a quick ascent in Vizija 8c and Uživancija 8a. So with really good motivation and good company I left to Spain. On the first day I was still tired from a long drive, but was still able to on sight Anabolica 8a and flash Un rato en cada postura 8a. From now on I have sent 9 routes with grade 8a (4 on sights an 2 flashes), one 8a+ which I marked as the best route in the world, 6 8b (two of them on sight) and my first 8c abroad  Los ultimos vampiros hippies which I sent in only 4 tries. I was also very close to Bumaye 8c+ which I managed to sent in 2 parts, but unfortunately ran out of climbing days.

Now 2 weeks of rest, than start to prepare for successful season.


vizija 8c

 more photos and video soon...

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