petek, 16. november 2012

Chillen und grillen

Ok, I decited to write something about quite unknown place in Austria called Huatluckn. This year I already climbed few hard stuff there mostly on sight and flash, but for red pointing 8b's was to hard for me there. So on wednesday, I had no choice, but to try only dry, hard route named Grillen und chillen. Even this route wasn't completely dry. So when I tried to on sight the route, I thought it's impossible to get over it. I think, I've never tried one route for more than 5 tries in a day, but that day I was forced to keep trying it over and over again to get all micro betas. The route contains only few hard moves, but you have to do everything precisely. So I sent very hard route, which is 8b+ in my opinion (maybe just beacouse of horrible conditions) in 5th try that day.

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