sreda, 6. junij 2012

Last man standing

Yesterday I finnaly sent a big project in the middle of our barrier. It was a long standing project, may be cuz of it's hight. It's around 6m high and it contains only 10 moves. The hardest thing for me was to stay on heel and than swing from it. So yesterday I felt strong, so I didn't have to swing and I left my body next to wall. There is still one strange move where I fell once, but now I put my foot correctly and I was on the good hold. After that there are few easy move to the top. It's one of the best lines here, so I hope that you will try it soon. It's nice and it's not limited at all. The name is Last man standing and the grade is around 8a+. May be a bit easier if you are tall.

Also Luka Lindič sent his first 7b+ named Minimal.

Photo: Luka Lindič

I will also write something about last World cup in Vail (USA) which didn't end up really good. I missed the semis cuz of stupid mistake, so I ended on 25th position.

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