torek, 20. avgust 2013

Grapafest 2013

And it's done! First outdoor climbing competition in Golobove pečine. With a really great team, we were able to create one of the best outdoor climbing festivals in Slovenia. We've been working really hard last 2 weeks, so climbers (from all over Slovenia, even Croatia) were able to try more than 30 very beautiful lines from 3 to 7c and got free meal, Redbull and map of boulders. They started at 10 am and finished at 5 pm. 6 best men and 3 best women were fighting at afternoons finals. The best performance showed Rok Klančnik and Tjaša Rutar. #2 an #3 were Klemen Kejžar and Gorazd Hren at men and Anja Šerbinek and Tamara Omerzel at women. Rok did the best in all 3 final boulders (also flashed one of them- Inbox 7b+) and also did  #2 ascent in Pravim haos 8a. Even non- competitior Anže Varga climbed 2 8a's (Pravim haos, Knights of Jaguar). They got some nice prizes from 5.10 and some other practical prizes. After ceremony we had some Bograč and a lot of beer, night climbing and of course party with very good DJ Kačič. I hope to see you next year in same number. Hundred!


orange vibe

Croatian company

orange vibe 2

death alien in orange vibe

Pr' Grabnvalerji

Kejžar on the last hold of Minimal, 7b+

Slatnska banda


chilling place


wall for night climbing

red vibe

red vibe 2

Boško won heat

Hribar in Jaguar

Žužel in Kremšnita

Žužel in Želvomat

Dolenc in Želvomat

yellow vibe

Tjaša in Kremšnita

nice conditions 

Boško in Kremšnita

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