sreda, 28. november 2012

Some rope climbing again

For las few days I decited to cross form bouldering to rope climbing foe a while. But soon realized, that it's not really my style. Specially if you climb in Mišja peč, which is so polished. I wanted to climb Konec mira (8c/c+), but I almost hit the ground once, so I gave up. For a few times I did it with only one rest, but looks like I should rope climbing for a while, to get used on pumping. But I was quite suprised, cuz I sent Sreča vrtnice (8b) in second go (if you don't count one try few years ago) and Matrix (8b) in the same day. so I can say, I'm not the best route climber, but still can do something. I also on sighted Preobrazba graded 7c+.

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