nedelja, 8. november 2015

Turns out to be good

After a successful month in Switzerland, I decided to climb sport routes again. As usually I'm tired of  bouldering season, so Mišja peč is the place to be. So in October I opened my self few projects and come so close to all of them. First I did Public enemy 8c in Zigeunerloch in 2 parts, than Xaxid hostel  and Histerija in 2 parts. But somehow I couldn't finish either of them. Even worse! I broke a hold in Xaxid and lost all motivation to work on it again. Than I was route setting nationals during the night and got sick. Luckily it wasn't too bad and came to Mišja very calm and without any expectations. The conditions were great and I just walk through Histerija on my 10th try. In my opinion is definitely not the hardest 8c+, but I'm still very happy for it. It was my 5th route on this grade, including first part of Xaxid for which I think it's very hard. After Histerija I got a Bit tired so i went to a sector spot on Nanos, where I climbed this beautiful 8a slab, opened by Tadej Slabe some while ago. In Vipavska Bela I on sighted Fikus 7c+, flashed Hči naslade 8b and did Rosinand 8a on my second go.

Unknown 8a slab

still trying Xaxid

Julija in final route on nationals

regular day in Mišja

more slabs

But have to say that I couldn't stay away from bouldering, so I sent Pijavka 8a+ in Ožbalt and Izvir 7c+ in Oplotnica. Also repeated some classics on Jurgovo that I have done before, like Le belanca 8a, Angry birds 8a, Spax 7c+ and more. I'm also very happy for my little sister Julija for her first 8a, Angry birds and for Zan for the same as Julija and for Le belanca.

Le belanca 8a

Julija on Angry birds

Čudoviti um 7b+

Pijavka 8a+

Some new stuff on Jurgovo

And some trad. climbing news. Jan and I did some new routes at Oplotnica, up to 6b.

Jan Pinter in Za žene 5

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  1. In secret spot on Nanos no route was opened by Uros Perko.
    On the left side all routes were climbed by Jure Pirsic, on the right by Tadej Slabe.