četrtek, 4. september 2014

Arco rock master champion

After good performance in Munich, I thought my season is pretty much over. I became boring, old Kruder went on vacation and I was there to relax my self on hard boulders from Jacky and Simon. On the practice I felt pretty strong but I knew that the others are in shape too. So it became a day D. I was so angry cause I felt nervous and I really didn't want to have this feeling on a such a relaxed comp. Anyway I flashed the first problem and all the bad feelings flew away. Old crazy Kruder was back in the game. After every boulder I felt better and better. It was the moment of truth in last final boulder. Route setters made some changes and boulder looked impossible. I failed the top hold and next try I failed even lower. I knew, I have nothing to loose so I knew, there is one think I can do. I turned around and this time, I cheered up the crowd. So when they gave me back what I needed, I became loaded with enormous amounts of power. I was fighting as a bulldozer and I made it to the top. I must say it really helped and I think I'm gonna need the crowd like this on the next comps as well.

So thank you all!

Have to say all congrats to my little sis as well! She showed that she was stronger then the others, but unfortunately the rules were not on her side. So for me, she was the Winner!

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