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Boulder Keskus opening

And here is also my report from another great trip to Finland.

I came there to set some boulders for opening of a new boulder gym named Isatis, but I didn't know that there will be so much people. So with some help we set more than 50 boulders for 200 competitors. It was hard, but I really enjoyed it, cause I also had to set 5 final boulders. So best 4 competitors from a Saturday's qualifications made it to the finals on Sunday, where they had to compete  also with me and Rustam Gelmanov. It was really bad for me, cause I already knew the problems, but luckily I was "disqualified" (climbed all of them). The best job did Andy Gullsten who climbed 4 problems. Anyway, I was so happy about positive feedback from competitors for such a good setting- it was one of my best gift I got in Finland.

I must also say, that I was climbing outdoors, where I sent Hottentotti assis 8a+Fb and I was swimming in the frozen lake. For all of that I must say thank you to Henna and Jarmo, who actually put me into this, giving me bad and food(and milion other things) and helped me finding a new sponsor. So I got home with 2 sponsors (thank you both again) :



It was a nice trip, nice people, the best gym in the world and thanks again to everybody, who helped me and supported me!!

Hope to see you soon!

Video from Hottentotti:


Photos of Juha Immonen also available on:

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