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Macedonia 2013

A bus full of climbers left to Macedonia previous weekend. On the whole trip I only had one rest day. We developed a lot of new lines and cut a lot of bushes around. So Vezi and I sent some nice first ascents like Zlata plošča 7c, Mini atmosfera 8a and Joži ga namočo 7b+. And I'm also very happy cause I was first who repeated Kilian's  Kula sheika bula 8a+ and Velika smetka 8a. I also flashed and sent some 7c's. Of course, we left some project for others when they come.

Zlata plošča

Joži ga namočo and undone line

photo: pipo

Puter in marmelada 7c                                                                                                 Šarap 7c+

horse races                                                                                                              Julija in Welcome line

Puter in marmelada


Brand new car

no comment

Neža in some warming up

Žolta zmija 7c


Julija in Žolta zimja

Movie from Kula sheika bula by pipo:

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