četrtek, 25. oktober 2012

Brione flash trip

For the first time I put together team for this bouldering trip to Brione. Without giude book and gps after 2 days we found area and all the important boulders we needed to get satisfied. So we started at Molonk 7c which Boško climbed and after I flashed. So I started a flashing trip here. Later I flashed Cellar door 8a and also Boško was close to flash attempt. Later he luckily sent it. We moved to a very nice block near the water where I flashed another 8a named Fake Pamplemousse. Next day we came back and I flashed Frogger 8a. Unfortunately it was to try hard on Amber 8b. On Monday I did something I have wished for a long time- to climb a 8b boulder in Switzerland. In two short sessions I sent General Disarray. In total maybe 5 serious tries from beginning. Last day we climbed few classics and Boško and Bizi sent Frogger. Photos I will upload as soon as I get them. Also I have a video clip from sending Frogger.

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