torek, 3. julij 2012

Jurgovo 2

Mona Liza 7c

I'm bored, but also excited about the day, so I will tell you what's been up around Jurgovo today. Bizi and I found few new betas in one realy nice and very high slab project. Unfortunately it wasn't cleaned well on the top so we couldn't climbed it. Grade should be around 7c+ or maybe more- depends of topout, which is as technical as beginning. Later Bizi flashed Tony Montana and sent Lingvin both graded 7b. During that; I cleand up new boulder. I can say it's one of the best boulders in Slovenia. I sent it second go, put grade 7c and named it Mona Liza. Maybe it's not 7c, but who cares- it's so nice. It's so nice to develop new stuff up there including easy ones. There were born 2 new lines: Bizis face's gonna sort you out and 6a po mamini strani both graded between 6c and 7a. There are also 2 new projects- one short slab and traverse from left into Mona Liza which could be 8a or even 8a+. I'm realy looking forward to get back there soon. Maybe I'll be back with some good news! Until there enjoy your time...I'll be in Croatia and I will skydive a little!

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  1. Lepa Anka kolovodi, kolovodi, kolovodi :D
    Novga materiala smo vedn veseli!
    Good job!