nedelja, 13. maj 2012

Gipsy sanding day

Today we visited Zigeunerloch, area near Graz(AUT). First wanted to go to Črnotiče boulder area, but had noone to go with me. So Zorko and I went with my sisters who went to Mitterdorf to train a little. First we wormed up a little, than I tried to on sight one new 7c+ but I fell on the very top. Than I on sighted bouldery rote called Highway star (7c+/8a). After some rest I decided to give a try in a route which I have wanted to on sight for a long time now and it's called Zigeunerbaron graded 8b. Without any problem I climbed it like a real route climber. Route was climbed in 1988 by Christoph Grill and it's 35m high. Zorko climbed Grafin Mariza 8a.

Zigeunerloch cave

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